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Safety Signage

Mandatory signage
Emergency escape

Prohibition sign

a sign prohibiting

behaviour likely to increase or cause danger

Warning sign – a sign giving warning of a

hazard or danger

Emergency escape/First-aid sign – a sign giving information on emergency exits, first-aid, or rescue facilities

Mandatory sign

a sign prescribing specific behaviour

Health and safety regulations require employers to use safety signs where there is a significant risk to health and safety that has not been avoided or controlled by other methods required under law, providing the use of a sign can help reduce the risk. Safety signs are not a substitute for other methods of controlling risks such as controls and safe systems of work.


They apply to all workplaces and to all activities where people are employed, but exclude signs used in connection with transport or the supply and marketing of dangerous substances, products and equipment. Here are some common examples - click to enlarge.

Corrosive materials
Do not use unless supervised
Ear protection zone
Emergency stop buttom
Eye wash
Eye protection zone
Flammable liquids
Goggles must be worn
Mind your head
No smoking
No unauthorised personnel
Operating this equipment without authorisation
PPE must be worn in this area
Protective footwear and overalls must be worn
Refuge point
Wash your hands
Asbestos sticker
First aid 1a
Fire Actions


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