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Safety requirements vary from organisation to organisation and the law does not specify the form that your safety policy must take.


For most smaller organisations with only one workplace a single document will usually be sufficient. If you have several sites or a number of large departments then you may require a more detailed document.

What does the HSE say?

Health and safety policies are a legal requirement for companies who employ 5 or more members of staff (Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 section 2(3)). Normally health and safety policies consist of three segments:

•  A Statement of Intent (outlining goals, objectives and targets for health and safety)


•  Organisational responsibilities (management and employee accountabilities).


•  Arrangements for Implementation (how the organisation/business will achieve the aims - this is particular to each company and will include local health and safety issues).

The Health and Safety Executive have listed a number of areas to be covered when developing a health and safety policy:

  • Health and safety policy statement - Statement of general policy, signed and date

  • Responsibilities - overall, day-to-day

  • Health and safety risks action needed to remove / control

  • Consultation with employees

  • Safe plant and equipment

  • Safe handling and use of substances - COSHH assessments

  • Information, instruction and supervision

  • Competency for tasks and training

  • Accidents, first aid, work related ill health

  • Monitoring conditions and safe working practices

  • Emergency procedures  fire risk assessments, escape routes, fire extinguishers, alarms, evacuation procedures

Health and Safety Policy

For smaller businesses the HSE has produced a simple one page health and safety policy template with a completed example

The policy statement should be reviewed and possibly revised in the light of experience, or because of operational or organisational changes. It is useful to review the policy regularly (e.g. annually).

Health and Safety red tape

Our health and safety policy know-how  helps cut through the red tape.

Whatever the size of your organisation can cut through the red tape and help you develop a brand new health and safety policy or update your existing one in order to meet the HSEs requirements.

Contact for assistance in the appropriate approach to completing your health and safety policy.

Health and Safety Policies:


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