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What else does the HSE say?

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How effective are your health and safety management systems?

Let audit your health and safety processes against a set of quality standards.


The auditing process is designed to give you a framework to identify, control and reduce the risks associated with health and safety in your workplace.

"Health and safety auditing is the structured process of collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the total health and safety management system and drawing up plans for corrective action."

What does the HSE say?

A health and safety audit involves undertaking an assessment of the effectiveness of your policy against a range of criteria such as the HSE's 'Key elements of succesfull health and safety'.


The outcome of the audit will  show if your health and safety management system meets legal and policy requirements or if any actions or improvements are necessary.

Auditing is the most effective and reliable way of demonstrating whether best practice standards and procedures are being applied and of improving policy, standards and procedures in the light of new requirements.

Auditing helps: 


•  Minimise risk to employees/ visitors etc

•  Improve existing OH&S management

•  Demonstrate diligence;

•  Gain assurance; etc

Auditing can include the whole health and safety management system or particular aspects, such as risk assessment procedures, issue and control of personal protective equipment, health and safety induction and training, etc.  


Various departments or divisions of an organisation can be audited as well as the organisation as a whole. can assess your health and safety management system against OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements or HSE 'Key elements of succesful health and safety' criteria.


Then if we're satisfied that you comply - we'll issue a Certificate of Compliance.

You can use the findings to develop and continuously improve your occupational health and safety policy, taking into account specific legal requirements and risks related to your organisation.

Organisations which achieve high standards of health and safety assess their health and safety performance by internal reference to key performance indicators and by external comparison with the performance of business competitors.


Commitment to continuous improvement involves the constant  development of policies, approaches to implementation and techniques of risk control.

Health and safety audits

Does your health and safety management system meet the latest requirements?

For more information on the auditing process contact The benefits can be substantial