Health & Safety Consultancy, Information & Management 
 can help you meet the latest health and safety legislation with a part or complete Compliance Audit.


This bespoke exercise will detail where you are compliant with the regalations and assist you in any  areas that require further action.

The HSE has a range of tools at its disposal in seeking to secure compliance of organisations, employers, self employed etc with the law and to ensure a proportionate response to criminal offences.


This includes Inspectors:


• Offering duty holders information, and advice, both face to face and in writing


• Warning a an employer that in the opinion of the inspector, they are failing to comply with the law


• Withdrawing approvals, vary licence conditions or exemptions, issue simple cautions


•  Serving prohibition notices

From 1 October 2012 subject to Parliamentary approval of the proposed Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012, the HSE proposes to introduce a fee for intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme.


The Regulations will put a duty on the HSE to recover its costs for carrying out its regulatory functions from those found to be in material breach of health and safety law.


The HSE and the government believe it is right anyone who breaks health and safety laws should pay for the HSEs time in putting matters right. Without FFI, this is paid for from the public purse.

The proposed 2012/13 Fee for Intervention hourly rate is £124.

On the basis of risk, they concentrate their duties where the risks are likely to be highest and where it will have the greatest impact, in particular:


• Where they have evidence that health and safety performance is poor either in your own business or sector


• If you operate in one of a number of hazardous industries


• When they want to investigate a specific incident (accident or work related illness)


• When they want to investigate a specific complaint

HSE Statement:


"HSE's emphasis is on preventing death, injury and ill-health in Great Britain's workplaces.


But we will come down hard on people who put others at risk - particularly where we find deliberate flouting of the law."

• Make an assessment of the risks in new businesses or premises


• Target certain geographical areas or sectors usually to concentrate on specific priorities


• Do random spot checks on compliance


• Keep abreast of new developments and processes or for training purposes

How does the Health and Safety Exexutive (HSE) & Local Authorities (LA) decide which organisations or businesses or employers to visit?

The HSE and LA staff also carry out a limited number of visits to:

Does the HSE charge businesses for its services?

How does the HSE enforce Health and Safety laws and regulations?

Following a successful prosecution, the courts will decide what penalty to impose. As well as imposing fines, the courts can imprison offenders.


Five people have been sent to prison for health and safety offences since January 1996. If convicted of manslaughter or culpable homicide, offenders are likely to receive a prison sentence

What action does the HSE take if health and safety laws are flouted? compliancy

What penalties can be imposed?